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Building a new home is very exciting.   All your hard work in saving and planning is realised when you first walk into your completed dream home and take in the ambience of your new living environment. Building your dream home involves many steps, including draughting of a concept and building plans, design decisions, council consents, and finally construction.

Our project team offers a fully integrated service right from initial concept design through to complete construction.  We take special care to get things right from the start – especially with the design process and the application for building consent. We listen closely to your ideas and wishes to ensure that your new home will exceed all your expectations, and provide the lifestyle you have always wanted.



What we offer:
• A fully integrated service from concept plans through to your finished home (including landscaping if required).
• 20 years experience with residential building in New Zealand
• Independent 10 year Master Builders guarantee
• Qualified trades people

All new builds receive the 10 year Master Build Guarantee along with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the first night in your new home.  On top of that, we’ll provide you with a extended 90 day maintenance period to ensure everything is as it should be in your nee home.


On our portfolio page you can view examples of some of the beautiful new home projects that we have completed over the past 10 years.
To book a free no obligation meeting to discuss your new home project please contact us by email ( or on 07⋆855⋆6253.

Home Renovations
Home renovations, additions and extensions have been a specialty at Euroconstruction.  We have carried out many renovations in the past 10 years, ranging in value from 100,000 to 1.2 Million.  We consider renovations a skilled carpentry craft and take great care to ensure that building modifications are in keeping with the existing character and era of the home.


What we offer:

• Experience in a diverse range of renovations, alterations, and extensions over the past 20 years
• Complete home renovations to restore your home to its original character or modernized
• Stunning kitchen alterations and refits to modernise the heart of your home
• Full bathroom renovations and refits.
• A full concept design to completion service
• Independent 10 year Master Builders guarantee
• Qualified trades people

For all building work we pride ourselves on the highest quality of workmanship and achieve this through using the best trades people and by carefully auditing the building process as it progresses.

If you go to our portfolios page you will see examples of renovations and refits that we have completed over the past 10 years.If you would like to discuss your renovation with us please contact us by email ( or call us on 07⋆855⋆6253 so we can arrange to meet with you.

How We Manage Your Project
During the initial stage (Design Phase) of the project we work with you to get your ideas and aspirations on paper in the form of a concept plan.  After we have agreed on the building design we proceed with the more formal working drawings, which are required for council consent, quotation, and construction.  Many people come to us with their working plans and council consent ready to go, others require help with this initial stage.oakville-mississauga-real-estate-home-improvement

We can give an estimate of cost from concept plans, but a more accurate costing is only achieved by using the working drawings.Once we have a building consent from council and a signed building contract with you as the new homeowner we are able to start the actual Construction Phase of the project.We will manage the entire construction phase with the utmost professionalism as this is a critical part of the building process.

Communication with you, city council, architects, and subcontractors is a key part of this phase to ensure that the project is completed to the highest quality and in a timely manner.  Each project has a nominated project manager for you to have a single reliable point of contact.

For your building project we work to source the high quality product and materials at competitive prices.  We provide the full range of subtrades from professional electricians and plumbers to roofers, plasterers and painters.  All subcontractors employed by Euroconstruction are qualified in their trades.

We have broken down our Client Build process into a simple 7 Step Process that you can see here:  The 7 Step Client Build Process.